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Chloe's Nursery

January 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Chloe's Nursery 

Luvin Pictures Photography | Burleson Texas 



Finding out I was pregnant was probably the most shocking news of my life.   We weren't supposed to be able to have our first daughter so when Arya came along we were thrilled.   Despite what the doctors said about not having anymore we waited 4 years to get rid of anything.   Five years and two months after our Texas tornado was born the news came that we were having baby number 2!

Please excuse the empty frames!  Waiting for her arrival to add them in!   Crowns by Fairy Tale Dreams.   Banner by Beantown Baby 


So many of my friends and amazing people we shoot for have been so sweet to send things to make Chloe's space more special and it has warmed my heart! I suffer from procrastination-itis and since it was my craft/sewing/prop room the task was a daunting one..  It kind of resembled a horder's house lol... 

Vanity is a family heirloom and I love it nicks and dings and all!   Unicorn banner by Bearsley and Bumski

First thing I had to do was decide what colors I wanted.  We went with a theme for our first daughter and she quickly out grew  her room...  Knowing I didn't have the extra space to keep her in a room while I redid another one is out of the question so I wanted to make sure there was something she could grow with.    After months of trying to figure out what I wanted I settled on a color scheme and of course, I could not find anything that would work unless I wanted to spend thousands of dollars on custom bedding.  This momma cannot afford that at all... 

So when in doubt DIY.   I researched patterns and what I wanted to do with the room including paper flowers.   I have tons of craft stuff so why not use it! And the work began!   I spent hours researching, tracing, cutting and assembling paper flowers and with each one I fell more in love with ideal!  If I would have had enough time and money I would have done the entire wall! I made all the crib essentials including the sheets, dust ruffle, pillows and teething rail guard.  My mom so sweetly let me borrow her glider for the duration but it didn't match so I made the cover to match it and now they are washable!   Diaper changing covers, curtains and the diaper holder wall thing are all by me as well!  But my biggest thing was the crib!  Not having a clue what I was doing I set out to have a fun crib and I am happy with the results!   

Don't let any one tell you that you can't do something not even your self because you can...   It just takes research, patience and a strong urge to have things the way you want them! If  I can do this so can you!!! 

I would like to send a special thanks out to some of my amazing friends that sent things! 


Just Cheeky Boutique not only helped me with fabrics, sewing question and being supportive in my craziness, she also made tons of custom onsies, blankets and cover for the car seat with the help of Pretty Penguin Stitches.    They also threw me an amazing baby shower.  You ladies are the bomb diggity! 

Just Cheeky Boutique

Pretty Penguin Stitches

Thank you to Miss Pam for the custom minky blankets that go in her room!   The colors are spot on!  We are so blessed to have you in our lives! 


Thank you to Bearsley and Bumski for the unicorn garland!  My sweet girl loves watching them while we change her diaper! And the Freshly Made set was her very thing she wore!  It is so super sweet! 

Bearsley and Bumski

Thank you to Beantown baby for the amazing banner!  It is absolutely perfect and the quality is beyond amazing! 

Beantown Baby

Thank you to Fairy Tale dreams for the crowns that will not only top Chloe's sweet head but add a touch of class to her room! 

Fairy Tale Dreams

There are so many sweet people who have sent things for Miss Chloe to rock and we love it all and cant wait to share all that with you as well!   




It's a .....

August 21, 2015  •  1 Comment

It's a .....

Luvin Pictures Photography | Burleson Texas 



Life sometimes throws curves balls you aren't ready for and sometimes it sends you a pitch straight across the plate, in the sweet spot, for a home run.  Finding out I was pregnant was a bit of  both. 

Boy or Girl by Just Cheeky Boutique

For those who have been fans or followers for a while you most likely know that we considered Miss A our little miracle.   We tried for years to get pregnant and saw more doctors then I thought was possible.  We did all the keeping track of stuff, the pills, and even invitro.   To those who try that more then once I admire you!  I never felt more of an emotional wreck then during all that.  The doctors told us that it just would not happen for us with both of our issues.  After we had given up and stopped trying all together, we decided to adopt out of our legal system and take in a set of siblings in need.   The processes for adoption is insane! I would not change the experience for the world.   The day our home study was approved was the day we found out I was pregnant.   Shock, joy and a little sadness were but a few of the emotions we went through that night.  I am sure alot of you are wondering why we would be feeling sadness at such a miracle.   When you adopt through the state if you have a life changing event you have to wait a year to start the processes all over again.  We knew we wouldn't be able to afford the processes all over again and that the possible little ones we wouldn't have.   But God is good and he has a master plan... 

We continued to try after A was born.  After almost 4 years we decided that it wasn't going to happen and we were okay with that.   Miss A is a miracle and she is a force to be reckoned with.  The child has enough energy, personality and all around umph for us.   She is everything we could ask for in a child and watching her grow, and become her own little person has been one of the greatest gifts I could ask for.   People would ask me all the time when are we having another one... I would always say, " that is between God and my ovaries."  There isn't much more to say about it.  After having A and her causing additional damage our chance were even less... But here we are.... 

The day after my husbands birthday I found out I was pregnant.   I sat in the bathroom and bawled.   Sadly it wasn't because I was over come with joy.  I was in utter shock.   My husband had just taken a new job with a pay cut and a waiting period on insurance.   My daughter and I are on private insurance.  How ever where I live, if you want to have maternity you have to pay more then our house payment to get it and it covers very little.  Have you ever looked at the cost of having a baby? and I know most of you know the cost of starting from scratch on buying things for a baby..  I panicked! 

With the first one I was high risk because of my health issues and I just knew that I it would be worse because now in addition to that, my age makes me high risk and I knew I was going to have to have a c-section and they cost a lot more!   I won't get into a lot about cost but the first visit was $500 and it was the cheapest one I have had so far!  UGH!  However, we have decided that we would be happier broke with a little miracle then anything else! We have faith that God has a plan and we are just along for the ride. 

So I know those who are patiently reading this are dying to know what we are having so with out further ado.... 



This was her favorite part! 

Not to bad for a 5 year old who won't sit still for like 5 seconds! 

This was my favorite photo from the whole session! I love her face! 

Let the partying begin!   Girl party at our house!


I would like to send a special thanks out to all the lovely ladies who made this shoot perfect!   First and foremost my best friend Jessica who took time out of her crazy busy schedule to take these photos for me!  She is the owner at Just Cheeky Boutique and made the adorable gender reveal pin for me!  Jewelry is all from Maks Chic Boutique, Black and white mommy and me dresses are from Ye old Party.  Pink Unicorn Banner from Bearsley and Bumski.  I made the blue one.  And if I missed any one I am so sorry and it isn't because I don't love you!

Baby W

July 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Just Cheeky Welcomes Baby W

Luvin Pictures Photography | Burleson Texas 


Moments in life are precious and there are fewer more precious then the first of your baby's life.   A new little person and all its little first.   Its been years since I have been in a room with a baby only minutes old and I have to say I can become addicted to Fresh 48 shoots!  I mean seriously all the little details of a baby's birth and seeing family and friends meeting the new little bundle.  

While I was not present at the little man's birth I was there as a friend supporting her bestie.  We were just hanging out and gabbing when the doctor came in and said time to push.  Off I went to get some coffee down stairs, before my order was filled she call to tell me he's here! 

So up I ran to capture these amazing moments and maybe get a little teary eyed.  


We did of course do newborns!   He is learning to model first off!  He, much like his big sister, has been rocking the shoots ever since.  Though he wasn't a fan of the inside shoot at first he still managed some amazing shoots.

The outdoor shots were even better!   I am so in love with this little man and his laid back demeanor! 


Life is funny.  The whole time she was pregnant she kept telling me I had nine months to get with it because our daughters are 9 months apart.  Well I didn't quite listen but 11 months later I found out I was pregnant!  So now our babies will have each other to grow with just like their sisters!   I think that is kind of cool myself! 

Those lips!  I mean seriously! 


Love what you see?  Want to book a session?  Contact me! 

Better late then never!

July 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Better Late then Never

Luvin Pictures Photography | Burleson Texas 



This year has seem to fly by and things keep happening left and right.  I am so far behind on blogging it is not even funny.  Most of the people who follow me know I am a stay at home mom, who takes my daughter to my day job and loves photography.  This year I have been busier then ever and I am so thankful and so blessed and awed.     This lovely lady is not only my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and some one who gets my weirdness she is also the owner of Just Cheeky Boutique.  



 This spring (yes I know so far behind) she was one of the most beautiful and easy going pregnant people I have ever had the honor of shooting.  Being pregnant now and exhausted I am in awe of all she did and I can not let this session not get shared.   Well, sessions because we shot on the fly while hanging out mostly! 


This talented momma of a very energetic 4 year old still managed to shoot multiple times while working away, taking care of her little and shopping for all the goodies a baby brings.  

The best part of shooting your best friend is getting to try ( and sometimes fail) on several ideals I had been dying to try.  As well as being able to just get in the car and drive till something jumps out at me.   


We stopped randomly all over Burleson and Fort Worth and some of my favorite shots I have ever done have come from this shoot.   So thank you Jess for being my ever glowing model and putting up with my crazy shenanigans! I love you girl! 



Be sure and check this uber talented momma out on her facebook page 

or on her etsy


Love what you see?  Want to book a session?  Email me at or give me a call! 


And a baby girl makes 5

July 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

 And Baby Girl makes 5 

Luvin Pictures Photography | Burleson Texas 




The first time I ever spoke to this family years ago was a milestone for me.  This was the first person to ever contact me from finding my work on the internet and wanting to book me.   Excitement, joy and major nervousness were just a few of the emotions that I felt as I book and headed over the day of the shoot.  This is from that very first shoot.     


My first shoot and all those following have been a joy.  This family is so sweet and down to earth and you can see it in the smiles of the little ladies they are raising.   This spring  I was overjoyed to recieve a call that they were expecting and another little princesses was on the way.  

M and S are so excited to be getting another sister.  Their enthusiasm is contagious.  I mean really just look at these adorable faces! 

And because life has been moving faster then me, lets fast forward a few months and show you the newest member of the J Family.    Isn't she just perfect! 

Dad is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan so first and foremost we had to make sure we got this lovely angel rocking her Dallas Cowboy's Bling.   

Admiration and awe to Mrs. J who brought this sweet angel into the world in the comforts of her own home.   I can't even describe the strength she radiates!   This family is so blessed to have such a strong and fearless momma! 


This is one of my favorite lifestyle shots of the shoot.  It is so touching and so humbling to be asked not only to capture this family year after year but to be invited into their entire home and allowed to capture extra special moments like these.   Thank you so much! 


If you are like my work please follow us on Facebook or Instagram @luvinpictures!  Interested in booking a shoot please message me or give me a call!  I would love to capture your important moments too!