It's a .....

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It's a .....

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Life sometimes throws curves balls you aren't ready for and sometimes it sends you a pitch straight across the plate, in the sweet spot, for a home run.  Finding out I was pregnant was a bit of  both. 

Boy or Girl by Just Cheeky Boutique

For those who have been fans or followers for a while you most likely know that we considered Miss A our little miracle.   We tried for years to get pregnant and saw more doctors then I thought was possible.  We did all the keeping track of stuff, the pills, and even invitro.   To those who try that more then once I admire you!  I never felt more of an emotional wreck then during all that.  The doctors told us that it just would not happen for us with both of our issues.  After we had given up and stopped trying all together, we decided to adopt out of our legal system and take in a set of siblings in need.   The processes for adoption is insane! I would not change the experience for the world.   The day our home study was approved was the day we found out I was pregnant.   Shock, joy and a little sadness were but a few of the emotions we went through that night.  I am sure alot of you are wondering why we would be feeling sadness at such a miracle.   When you adopt through the state if you have a life changing event you have to wait a year to start the processes all over again.  We knew we wouldn't be able to afford the processes all over again and that the possible little ones we wouldn't have.   But God is good and he has a master plan... 

We continued to try after A was born.  After almost 4 years we decided that it wasn't going to happen and we were okay with that.   Miss A is a miracle and she is a force to be reckoned with.  The child has enough energy, personality and all around umph for us.   She is everything we could ask for in a child and watching her grow, and become her own little person has been one of the greatest gifts I could ask for.   People would ask me all the time when are we having another one... I would always say, " that is between God and my ovaries."  There isn't much more to say about it.  After having A and her causing additional damage our chance were even less... But here we are.... 

The day after my husbands birthday I found out I was pregnant.   I sat in the bathroom and bawled.   Sadly it wasn't because I was over come with joy.  I was in utter shock.   My husband had just taken a new job with a pay cut and a waiting period on insurance.   My daughter and I are on private insurance.  How ever where I live, if you want to have maternity you have to pay more then our house payment to get it and it covers very little.  Have you ever looked at the cost of having a baby? and I know most of you know the cost of starting from scratch on buying things for a baby..  I panicked! 

With the first one I was high risk because of my health issues and I just knew that I it would be worse because now in addition to that, my age makes me high risk and I knew I was going to have to have a c-section and they cost a lot more!   I won't get into a lot about cost but the first visit was $500 and it was the cheapest one I have had so far!  UGH!  However, we have decided that we would be happier broke with a little miracle then anything else! We have faith that God has a plan and we are just along for the ride. 

So I know those who are patiently reading this are dying to know what we are having so with out further ado.... 



This was her favorite part! 

Not to bad for a 5 year old who won't sit still for like 5 seconds! 

This was my favorite photo from the whole session! I love her face! 

Let the partying begin!   Girl party at our house!


I would like to send a special thanks out to all the lovely ladies who made this shoot perfect!   First and foremost my best friend Jessica who took time out of her crazy busy schedule to take these photos for me!  She is the owner at Just Cheeky Boutique and made the adorable gender reveal pin for me!  Jewelry is all from Maks Chic Boutique, Black and white mommy and me dresses are from Ye old Party.  Pink Unicorn Banner from Bearsley and Bumski.  I made the blue one.  And if I missed any one I am so sorry and it isn't because I don't love you!


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